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We are a team of high skilled Cloud Native Developers, led by Etienne Cointet. We apply the best Docker practices to modernize your traditional apps to fit into Docker Containers.

Docker Expert

A Docker Expert is dedicated to your Application. He is 100% focus to apply the Docker best practices to your code.

No Pain but Full Gain!

In 2 clicks and few minutes, upload your app into our online system. Wait 72H* and voila!

Any Cloud Platform

Your container will run on your favorite Docker Platform, hosted on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

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We stay in touch with you if we have questions or more information are needed about your app.

Frequently asked questions

We offer a new IT consulting approach with our Application Transformation Platform: an on-demand Cloud Migration for Legacy Apps.

App2Cloud is an on-demand web platform, created to transform and migrate legacy applications into the Cloud. Our developers modernize applications into Docker Containers.

With our team of very high skilled developers and our automated tools, we are the "reverse-engineering" experts. We analyse your app, asses your code, librairies, dependencies, frameworks, in order to modernize your app and re-build it into Docker Containers. The right mix between tools and human is the key.

Because as today, it’s the most flexible and professional way to migrate your apps into the Cloud. Docker is the world’s leading software Container Platform, working on any Cloud Provider! Docker provides a unified framework for all apps - monolith or microservices, Linux or Windows, on-premises or cloud - a standard container and workflow for secure, agile and portable apps.

Well, that’s the beauty of it. The Docker Container is compatible with the new normes of Cloud (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, ...). That will allow you to host it with all major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud,...). You download from our platform your final Docker Container, and the documentation included helps you to deploy your App/Container.

Cloud Native Capabilities For Existing Apps

Enjoy today Cloud portability, Elasticity and Resilience for your traditional apps.


Deploy anywhere and save hours in app maintenance and support. Apps in a Container reduce overall IT operational costs.

Quickly Scale

Docker containers spin up and down in seconds, making it easy to scale application services to satisfy peak customer demand, and back down when demand ebbs.


Docker ensures your applications and resources are isolated and segregated. No Docker container can look into processes running inside another container


On the same Cloud or Platform, build, test, debug and deploy container apps written in any programming language without risk of incompatibilities or version conflicts.

What our customers are saying

App2Cloud is the easiest way to modernize your legacy application. Our customers did it in few clicks!


Our WordPress is now in Docker Containers! - Car Dealer

36 legacy apps are now running in the Cloud!

DevBootCamp - San Diego

We did shutdown our on-premise servers! - Online e-commerce

I uploaded all the apps myself. And downloaded Containers. - Rental Cars

Our Packages

Start small, go fast! Our Packages include different level of services to fit your needs.


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Low Complexity apps

Transformation delay > 14 days

No code documentation

Platform: Docker Swarm

1 Service (DB, Messaging, ...)

- FREE / app

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Full App Assessment

High Complexity apps

Transformation delay >= 72H00

Code change Documentation

Deployment documentation

Plaforms: Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesosphere

$ from $549 / app

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Extreme Complexity apps

Transformation delay: >= 72H00

Code change Documentation

Deployment documentation

Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, Cloud Foundry

Ready for more than 100 Apps


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We are still working hard to support more platforms, languages and frameworks.

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